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By modern architecture we mean a new architectural style that developed in many western countries after The First Word War.
According to this style, architects must apply scientific and analytic methods to design building. Besides this, they must focus on the function of a building and on the principles of new urban planning.
Modern architecture is based on the idea that if something is functional, is also beautiful.

For these reasons, modern architecture is also a new way of thinking.
Organic architecture, Bauhaus style and Purism are a branches of modern architecture. In particular, organic architecture promotes harmony between man and nature.

One of the founders of modern architecture in North America was Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959).
He had a rare ability to integrate his building with the landscape, in fact according to Wright “the good building makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built”.
In addition, he believed that “When organic architecture is properly carried out no landscape is ever outraged by it but is always developed by it”. For these reasons, Wright’s works are based on the idea of organic architecture.

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