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Marketing is an activity which provides products and services to customers in order to have a gain. Marketing involves the customers’ requirements, the creation and the promotion of the right product.
First of all, we can say that there are Four Ps, which are Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
• In tourism, the term “product” may refer to a package tour, an independent holiday, a cruise, transport or accommodation; when a travel company want to sell a product, it should consider the preference of a certain target of clients, their claim and the possibility of improving it.
• The price of product should be decided considering fixed and variable costs, commissions for agents, discounts and profit margin; in addition to that, the marketing department should keep under strict control the seasonality, the competition and if customers are travelling individually or in a group.

• The place where a travel agency is located is also very important because, according to the position and the accessibility, people can be more interested to buy; this means that, if it’s centrally located has better opportunities. Another question which must rage with the choice of the customers is the security, so the political, economic and natural events of a place; in fact, a war, social unrest or tsunami are factors which preparing a decrement of the demand.
• The promotion of the products is extremely important to define its characteristic and to prompt people to buy it. This activity can be achieved in two different ways: informing other tourism companies with circular letters and advertising leaflets or among customers with street post and media advertising, such as television, radio, newspapers or the Internet.
Another requisite which condition the company’s achievement is the choice of the personnel or the people, that may be included when we talk about a Fifth P.

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