Video appunto: Pomotion

The people know and buy the products with the promotion.
The promotion is used:

- to launch new products on the market;
- to increase sales of existing products;
- to compete with firms that produce similar products;
- to improve the company image; large multinational companies often concentrate promotion on their name or image rather than on specific products.

Advertising is the process of communicating information about the product or service to as many potential customers in the target market as possible.
The informative advertising need to give details about the product.
The persuasive advertising not need to give details about the product but for interested the customers to buy the product with the brand. Most mass-media advertising is persuasive.
The techniques used to promote the products are:

- personal selling;
- sales promotion;
- public relations;
- telemarketing;
- advertising.

The promotion online the use of the internet for product promotion is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years.
The promotion online is used:

- internet ads can be updated any time at a minimal cost;
- promotion on the internet can reach very large numbers of potential consumers globally;
- specific groups can be targeted by advertising on websites they usually frequently visit;
- advertising on the internet is less expensive than television, newspaper or radio ads;
- interactive options such as e-mail and a instant messaging can be incorporated into the advert.