He qualified in law. He was part of ANC (African Nation Congress).
He fighted, across / through resistance, against apartheid policies: a jim crow (segregazione razziale) that was in Sud-Africa.
In 1962 Mandela left the country, and when he came back, he was arrested. He stay in prison for about 30 years.
He became a symbol of resistance movement against apartheid policies.
He won the Peace Nobel Prize, and he was elected President of First Republic in South Africa.

He wrote a letter. In this, he said that:
- he greet peace, democracy and freedom.
- he think that he should be a servant of people, and not a prophet (profeta).

- Today, the African people recognized that apartheid has not future.
- Apartheid destroyed (distrusse) the country and her economy.
- It should be a election with no racial basis, for limited the white monopoly.
- The inequalities must be declared (denunciate) for catch up (raggiungere) democratic country.

We call their white compatriots for make a new democratic South Africa.

He would that their march to freedom and democracy are irreversible, for guarantee equality and racial harmony.

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