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The tomb of Cromwell is situated in Webmister Abbey (1658-1661). The date of death is wrong because he didn't die at the age of 3 years old. Be the late 1640s the greatest power in the land was the army. They were camped in Putney, southwest of London.
In 1647 Cromwell invited soldiers from every regiment to meet-
Their job was to debate the polical future of England.
In the 1651 group of revolutionaries called diggers mongo into sant Greogie's hill, one of Enlgand's most exclusive golf club, and said the land was for everyone. To prove the point , they started planting vegetables.
It was a kind of commune everyone living togheter in peace and harmony.
Obvioslt the local landowners we're completely freaked out so they hired thugs to move the diggers off the land.
In 1653 Cromwell decided only the army was fit to govern england, only the army had the trug fire of god in their hearts so he took a troop of soldiers into parliament. In one move he betrayed everything the civil war was meant to achieve.
The tyranny of king was replacied witha tyranny of oliver cromwell for 4 years he ruled on god's name trusting his ideas of godly living down the throats of english people, increasingly hated by rich and poor.
In 1658 he died and the whole structure of military tyranny collapsed within a year of cromwell death were held figg elections and parliament was called for the restoration of the monarchy. Cromwell died as the lord protector of england and he was buried in Webmister Abbey in a fancy funeral with a sword in his hand and a crown on his head.
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