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Year 2013 wrote a new route: the abandon of old personal computers, too big and not user friendly to keep pace with the obvious growth of smart phones. In fact through this devices, which I use on a daily basis , it’s possible to check in real time your bank account, to transfer money, take high quality photos, read emails or know how much calories you have burned after going out on your mountain bike. These are only a few examples of Apps that I use more frequently on my mobile phone. And now it’s even easy , we can use our smartphones without having to take them out of our pockets thanks to a new gadget called smartwatch. It’s a watch that helps you to manage all Apps on your phone and it answers the phone calls too. It’s all fantastic but there is something I don’t like: domination of technology and social network on human relations. Nowadays we tend to spend a lot of time playing with our smartphones or tablets: we send tweets or we update our status on Facebook and we are getting used to writing what we think instead of talking to our family, friends or neighbors like our grandparents used to do. On this matter 5 I prefer following old habits to using social networks. A virtual friendship can’t replace a chat face to face or a football match with our friends. Social networks are an important mean to cut distance between people in the world but I hope that virtual squares will not replace real squares.
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