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London Markets

London has got 40,000 shops and over 300 markets street markets. It is a great place for shopping!

Portobello Road
Portobello Road is the world’s largest market for antiques and collectors’ items. It’s got: old books, boxes, bottles, cameras, carpets, clocks, drawing, furniture, handbags, lamps, paintings, photos, postcards, radios, stamps, telescopes, tins, toys and watched.

Covent Garden
Covent garden is London’s old fruit and vegetable market. Now it has fashionable shops with designer clothes and jewellery. There is an indoor market with crafts, clothes and food. Covent garden is fun because it often has street musicians and mine artist.

Borough Market

Borough Market in south-east London is one of the capital’s oldest and largest food markets. It is open on Fridays and Saturdays and you can buy food from all over the world: fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat and seafood. You can often see famous London chefs shopping there.

Camden Markets
Camden markets (there are five of them) are open seven days a week. They are great markets for young people: you can find a fantastic variety of music CDs and amazing clothes for going to night clubs!
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