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Travel in London

London is the capital of England. The tallest structure along the river Thames and one of the new est part of London is the London Eye.
Since 1837 Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the monarchy of London.
Everyday during the summer and during the winter, guests can gather around to watch the Changing of the guard.
The Ornate Golden Fence is known ad the Victoria Gate. In front of the palace there is the Victoria Memorial(ornamental statue).
Adjacent to Buckingam Palace is the charming St. James Park: the oldest of the capital eight royal parks; we can find ducks, swans and even pelicans.
One of the most recognizable landmark of London is Big Ben; it stands along the River Thames. Big Ben is not the name of the clock, its name is actually the Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben is the name of the bells.
The Big Ben as Elizabeth Tower is attached to the Palace of Westminster whish is home to the British Houses of Parliament.
Trafalgar Square is central to all of London, making it an easy walk to covent Garden Buckingam Palace and St. James Park.
In the middle of the Square there is Nelson's Column Built to honour Admiral Nelson for his victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
A the north of the square we can find the National Gallery, one of London's most important and museum.
The Westminster Abbey was founded in the 1090 and is one the most historically significant churches in all of the UK. Westminster Abbey is the part of the church of England, is not to be confused with Westminster Cathedral.
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