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San Francisco, the Golden gate city

San Francisco is on the coast of California. It is situated along the shore of a large bay between the Pacific Ocean and the California Coastal Mountains. The city is famous for its steep streets, panoramic views of the bay, Golden Gate Bridge and surrounding mountains. It has a mild climate with warm summers and cold winters, but no extremis. There are breezes off the Pacific Ocean and this stops the summers from becoming too hot and prevents freezing winter weather. But take a sweater as the evening breezes can be quite cold.
San Francisco was founded in 1776. By the middle of the nineteenth century the village of Yerba Buena, consisting of whalers, traders, and pirates, occupied the site of San Francisco. In 1848, gold was discovered at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. When gold-seekers arrived, the population of the ciy exploded.

San Francisco is now a centre of commerce, entertainment, culture and tourism. It is one of the most popular vacation destination in the USA. With its steep, old houses, and cable cars it is picturesque, and its views are world-famous. The city has developed a inique character from its mixture of different cultures, including Native Americans, Spanish colonials, and African or Asian immigrants. This is reflecting in its many cuisines, and the hundreds of restaurants in the city. There are also many ethnic neighbourhoods such as Chinatown, where you can buy special foods.
A popular tourist sight is Alcatraz Island with its abandoned prison. It is situated on a rock in the middle of prison. It books up fast so it’s best to make a reservation a few days in advance.
The downtown area of San Francisco is the centre business and shopping. There is a wide variety of department stores and smaller shops. You can also go to the old fisherman’s area where there are many boutiques, art galleries and special shops.
There is a wide choice os placet to stay from high-rise hotels to charming Bed and Breakfast[/b. Most of the city’s hotel are around the touristy Union Square or North Beach, where you can find more interesting hotels and Bed and Breakfast. Wherever you chose to stay, book up in advance because the city’s accomodation fills up quickly especially from May to October.

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