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Meal picks of the week

Athena’s 220 High St N10
Fine Greek dining in an intimate family settino Excellent mezze, with great aubergine and bean side dishes. Athena’s serves the most wonderful Greek salad in London, washed down with the best ouzo this side of Athenas. Fridays and Saturdays have the added attraction of live bouzouki music from 8pm.

Caipira House, 640 Greystoke Rd. W10
Calling meat lovers everywhere!This new Brazilian barbecue house offers meat paradise – all-you-can-eat steaks, pork fillet, leg of lamb, pork and chicken sausages, and for the non-meat eaters, grilled salmon and prawns, with a full salad buffet. Try the trademarkcaipirinha drink for a real taste of the land of samba and football. Not the place for romantic dinner, though – Friday and Saturday can get very noisy!

Cailo’s of Roma, 10 Grafton Way, WC2
In the heart of London’s trendy West End, Cailo’s is the best deal in town for lovers of simple but classic Italian pasta dishes, always made with lots of fresh tomatoes and herbs. The beautiful thin crust Rome-style pizzas are also something to write home to mama about. You can take your own bottle for wine for no extra charge. Don’t except sophisticated surrounding – just good old home comforts.

Soi 02, 22 Crispin Court, SE3
South London’s premier South-East Asian food is served in quiet, romantic, softly-lit Soi 02. Thai is the main influente, but you’ll also find delicately-spiced dishes from Cambodia. Laos and Burma on the on the menu.

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