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London is the capital city of England and of the whole of the United Kingdom, located in the south-east of England on the River Thames. It was established by the Romans in 43 AD as a centre for trade and communications, then known as Londinium. Today it is Europe's largest city and has a population of approximately 8.5 million.
It is a very important centre of business, governement and culture and many people commute there each day to work. The city is also full of historic buildings, churches and museums which attract thousands of tourists each year.
Some of London's best known attractions include the House of Parliament and Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace which is the residence of the British monarchs and where the changing of the guard takes place every morning.
Other sites of interest are St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey where the monarchs are crowned.
London is full of elegant streets, green areas and parks like St James' Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Regents' Park. One of its most characteristic features is the River Thames which cuts through the city from west to east.
Situated in the heart of London is a small area known as “The City” where most of the major tourist attractions and administrative offices can be found. It is the oldest part of the city, dating back to Roman times and has its own special mayor, The Lord Mayor.
One of the best aspects of London is the fact that it is a very cosmopolitan city which has something for everyone. It is a city full of people from many different cultures and backgrounds and this is reflected in the wide variety of restaurants shops and cultural activities that can be found in the city.
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