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Living and working abroad – Pros and Cons

Living and working abroad has its own advantages. For example, if you decide to work abroad, it means that maybe in Italy there aren’t many opportunities of finding a job. Often there are more possibilities and the salary is higher in other countries. You can live different experiences that may lead to a personal growth, get to know new people, as well as other traditions and customs or more generally, a new life style. Moreover, you would be forced to learn a new language which can always be useful in life.
But there are also some disadvantages, like the obvious fact that you would live far from your family and friends. Besides, you might experience some difficulties in getting used to the new place, in making friends and in adapting to the new working conditions.
If I lived and worked abroad, I would miss some things about my own country. Besides my family and friends, I would certainly miss the food, which is known to be of a high quality in Italy. But I would also miss my favorite TV programs, my hobbies, my habits. I don’t think there are major aspects of my country that I wouldn’t miss, but I’m sure I would work hard to adapt to the new country ones, and maybe find out that I like them as much.
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