The laters years of Victorian's Reign

  • Opium War(1839-1842)
  • 1850s- Russian expansion against United Kingdom.
    CREMIAN WARS: Russian wanted to adquire the Crimean Peninsula and even if it was defeated, Russia lost no territories.
    1865: Britain imposed its rules and lifestyle in India. Queen Victoria send and army and declared herself Empress Of India in order to consolidate political support, so India became part of the United Kingdom's colonial empire.
    In 1882, a revolutionary war broke out in Egypt regarding the Suez Channel and United Kingdom wanted to control the channel as well as the country due to its naval interest. Egypt would became independent only in 1956.

    The internal situation was getting better as hospital buildings were built and the metropolitan police was first instaurated to provide tranquillity among the population and also as a new way to control masses.
    The traditional values of the Victorian Age, like: family, home, children and church could unfortunately be realized only by the richest social classes.

    New Ideologies: Feminism and Marxism, little by little they would have changed society.

    1859: Darwin publishes "The Origin of Species", where he proposed a scientific purpouse to all changes, explaining that they do happen by necessity, creating the determinant factor of evolution, regulated by survival needs.
    Religious beliefs were shocked by Darwin's theory.

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