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Large enterprises are transformed into joint-stock company and it was the birth of the company. Investment banks are mixed banks concentrate available capital to make them available in the form of loans and as for the bag, you Dévent field of exchange of shares.
Until the middle of the nineteenth century, France is experiencing a slow industrial development compared to England. France is gradually industrialized especially quad campaigns remain areas of production. The workshop is a key element of industrial activities. the craft is facing the introduction of new production systems. The early industrial centers in France appear and thrive as the town of Le Creusot in Burgundy, becomes a metallurgical center in gra Boom (circumflex) that Schneider brothers.
Is the discovery of even sell outside of their district, in the other markets. As there is this power, there is also that of transport. It includes the market value as an element of increased collection and the work becomes more and more organized and gather the leaders of the same family who practice the same trade. Consequently, production is highest. The civilians who live in the villages. This system became the bourgeoisie into a capitalist class. Capitalism indicates the class of people generally merchants and then financiers who with their work accumulates money but does not take them aside but reinvests them taking risks. And this class also came to ask a certain respectability and consideration within the laws. Liberalism is the pursuit of freedom within the political system. Liberalism is the freedom of trade within the economic system. The state is too present and affects too much and then have to leave more motion capabilities to industry and middle class who wants to invest and move in the market. Liberalism is the first major battle waged by the economic point of view for the modernization of the system when there is the industrial revolution.

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