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My last exam

The end of the High School is something you dream for as long as you remember and you could enjoy the coming up of the last day very much if it wasn't for the final exam for which you have to study as hard as you can. Inevitably the decisive day arrives and there's no more time to revise one more chapter of this or that, you just have to sit through it. I remember the day of the final oral session very clearly. When I arrived at school they were running late and so I had to wait a whole, endless hour. At the beginning I was very agitated and nervous. I couldn’t stand still and kept pacing around the corridor. Then, talking with one of my friends, I slowly calmed down and started breathing more normally. My heart skipped a beat when the door opened and I heard them calling my name. I entered the room and sat down in front of the teachers, afraid they would hear it thumping in my chest.
The exam went really well. The more I talked the more I felt confident with myself and relaxed. When I finally rose to thank the teachers and head out, a wide smile was on my face. My muscles were relaxed, sort of drained out of exertion now that the adrenaline was out of my system. My mind was light as if all thoughts had evaded it. I was finally free and longing for the holidays.
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