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The Black Dog of Newgate Prison

Newgate was an old and awful London prison. There were such terrible smells from the prison that visitors carefully covered up their noses with handkerchiefs soaked in vinegar.
The guard kept the prisoners in underground dungeeons. Food was scarce, and the guards deliberatly threw the prisoners food onto the round. The prisoners had to fight desperately to get a share of the rations.
But Newgate Prison was also a nightmare for another reason – the Black Dog – a terrible, stinking ghost who first appeared after a prisoner died horribly.
It was in 1270, during a great famine, and prisoners were starving to death. They were suffering terribly. They attacked a new prisoner, killed him and roasted him over a fire, after which they ate him hungrily.
But they did not know that the man was a wizard. After they finished eating him, a huge black dog suddenly appeared and attacked the men. The dog killed all of them, and disappeared, leaving a terribile smell behind.

After that stinking dog regularly appeared on execution days.
Newgate Prison no longer exists, but some people they still occassionally see and smell the dog. So if you ever go to the centre of London where Newgate Prison was – beware of the Black dog!
And don’t forget to take a handekerchief soaked in vinegar with you.

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