In a home the most functional area is the kitchen where the meals are prepared, people must learn to clean this area in order to prevent disease germs to spread around.

Daily care

1. Open the windows to air the room.
2. Sweep down cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and walls.
3. Sweep the floor and wash any dirty plates and utensils.
4. Clean the sink, draining board and the wall around it.
5. Wipe the stove or cooker.
6. Dust other surfaces in the kitchen for example cabinet, table, refrigerators.
7. Mop the floor and arrange the utensils.
8. Empty the dust bin or waste basket.
9. Sweep out the inside of the bin and put away properly.

Weekly cleaning

1. Open the windows to air the kitchen.

2. Take out the kitchen table, chairs, pots and pan. Clean the table and chairs. Clean each utensil according to type.

3. Sweep down the ceiling, walls, doors and windows to remove cobwebs. Clean the doors and windows according to type.

4. Sweep out the food store.

5. Scrub the storage shelves and cupboard or cabinet thoroughly. Leave to dry.

6. Clean the cooker or stove thoroughly.

7. Clean the refrigerator if available

8. Clean the sink draining board and their surroundings.

9. Scrub the floor according to type and line the shelves with the old newspaper.

10. Bring in the furniture and utensils. Arrange them properly.

11. Dispose of all refuse properly and scrub the dust bin. Rinse thoroughly with disinfectant water and leave in the sun to dry.

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