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In late May part for an important trip to Europe, during which he meets De Gaulle in Paris, Khrushchev in Vienna and Mac Millan in London. The talks are the relations of co-existence between the US and USSR, disarmament, the question of Berlin, the crisis of Laos, the political, economic and military between the United States and its European allies.
After the Soviet nuclear explosions caused by some experiments, however, in turn authorizes the resumption of nuclear tests.
With regard to international policy, the strategic objective of Kennedy to the Soviet Union is a global cartel based on the supremacy of the two maximum powers, guarantors of peace and war. As for Latin America, however, his project consists in the margins and liquidation of Castroism Cuban. A contract is signed "Alliance for Progress", that is a great financial program offered to the collective organization of the South American States.
In the election campaign for the presidency, the issue of blacks had a great importance and their vote, converged on democratic board, had been decisive to open to the candidate of the "New Frontier" the doors of the White House. With the passing of time, however, Kennedy fails to keep its promises and in some areas of the country you are experiencing some real serious incidents of racial discrimination and racism. The blacks are rebelling and give life to the great revolts led by Martin Luther King.

blacks and whites two hundred fifty thousand, organized a massive march, march on Washington to demand legal rights and support the Kennedy decisions. The President, however, the pronunciation of speeches in which calls for respect and tolerance between whites and blacks. The situation seems to be resolved and decided to leave for a trip to Dallas, where he was greeted with applause and shouts of encouragement, it stands only a few whistles. Suddenly, though, waving to the crowd from his self-discovery, it is assassinated at a distance with a few gunshots. To date, despite being arrested the perpetrator of the assassination material (the infamous Lee Oswald), no one knows exactly who were his probable occult principals.

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