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Kennedy, John Fitzgerald - Assasination: a big conspiracy

On November 22, 1963, when John Kennedy was assassinated, it died also the American dream.

From the relationship of the Warren commission, instituted from the new Johnson president in order to inquire on what happened really that day, arise that the president was killed by a man named Harvey Lee Oswald, with three blows of firearm, shot from the books warehouse of the Texas School, in which was found a gun that had his fingerprints.
Oswald, of Marxist tendency and much favorable to Fidel Castro politics would have killed the president because it knew that the American government was putting into effect operations that soon would have carried to the fall of the Castro’s government in Cuba.
But investigations completed from 1963 till today confirm to us that day the blows shot in Dealy Plaza were not three. Ballistic skills have assessed the impossibility of being able to shoot, with a Mannlicher-Carcano, gun of Italian origin, with a manual stopper, three blows in less than eight seconds and to hit a target man in motion, covered for the majority of the time from fixed obstacles. That day in fact the rifle shots were six. Held documents audio hidden from the Americans intelligence agencies till 1998, when Clinton president decided to publish them, would demonstrate than the shot blows were six, through the policemen audio recordings who were in Dealy Plaza that day.
Then, if the blows shot from Oswald were only three, who shot the remaining three blows?
Such question was placed to Oswald immediately after its capture, few hours after the homicide, he did not answer and he only said that there was a conspiracy against him and that he was only a whipping-boy. However, while it was transported in the cell basement of the Dallas prison, a man, Jack Ruby, killed him with two blows of gun, simply 48 hours from its capture; the same Ruby died of cancer some years later without revealing anything. But start from the beginning, a man who that day was in Dealy Plaza, Abraham Zapruder, with his 8mm camera succeeded to resume the precise moment of the attack to the president, 20 second ones that encloses one of the more mysterious homicides of the American history.
The video shows that, when the presidential car arrived to approximately half of the road, Kennedy turned ahead carrying the arms to the neck, and Connelly governor, that was in front of the president and obviously heard the detonation, turned in order to see what was happening and approximately two seconds later Kennedy was hit to the temple, and that one was the mortal blow. The Warren commission declared that day the three shot blows made respective such distance:
• 1° Blow: It did not hit the target but a spectator;
• 2° Blow: It hit Kennedy and, continuing it hit Connelly governor;
• 3° Blow: It was the mortal blow to the president’s head.
Connelly governor had therefore some wounds that day, just 3, was successively hit to the back and in the right wrist and the left leg, therefore the theory that slugs were three becomes more and more ambiguous.
How could an only slug to hit two individuals generating to them a total of 7 hurts and to be found again then, still integral, mysteriously, on the stretcher of the hospital of Connelly governor? To this question the Warren commission answers with a theory that very soon was nicknamed like the theory of the “driven crazy bullet”.

We return now to the more recent investigations that demonstrate as the shot blows that day were six. Besides the Abraham Zapruder video, that day, an other film-amateur had filmed the crime but from the opposite side to Zapruder, Orwell Nix, it was really in front of the grassy hill from which, some persons assert, to have seen that day, at the moment of the shots, going out some white smoke. Moreover many people said to have seen a man that, giving him out to be an agent of the intelligence agencies, showing documents and pass, insured that around the hill there was not anybody, but the CIA has always disconfirmed the presence of agents in that public square that day.
Orwell Nix, that filmed at the same time at Zapruder the moments of the crime, was contacted by FBI and was forced to deliver own film to the police, but after a such week film was given back to the owner because it seemed did not supply any proof. With a more deep study of the Nix video, however, a fundamental proof was gained, that supports the theory that the assassins in charge to kill the president that day were two, and not a single one like the Warren commission wanted to let others believe.
Video shows presidential car while it passes in front of the grassy hill where Abraham Zapruder was, and it is just behind this hill that appears an ambiguous figure of a man while it aims a gun.
Now that we understand that the assassins that day were two only remain to understand, in which sequence the six blows were shot.

According to investigations completed in the years slugs sequence is the following:

• 1° Blow: He hit a sidewalk and then a spectator grazed the face, James Taugue, which was under passage to approximately 80m from the bookcase where Oswald was;

• 2° Blow: It hit Kennedy to the throat, probably frontally, as the doctors of Dallas observe who for first saw the corpse of the president, the hole was clearly a entry hole like declared the surgeon Malcolm Perry, but the Warren commission ignored the press conference of the doctor and declared that one to the throat was an escape hole;

• 3° Blow: It hit Kennedy in the back, 14,5 cm under the base of the neck, probably was shot from Oswald;

• 4°Blow: almost simultaneous to the third blow, it hit Connelly governor to the back more or less two seconds after it hit the president. It is the same Connelly in an interview to declare that the two shot blows came out from different directions but above all he said of being be hit after he turned to try to understand what was happening;

• 5° Blow: It hit Kennedy to the temple, most probably the blow arrived frontally from the grassy hill, as it shows the president wound but, above all, as one looks in the Zapruder’s video, the blow causes a muscular answer that pushes the body of the president to withdraw towards own seat.

• 6° Blow: It hit Connelly to the right wrist and the left leg, when the governor it was turning towards the president, was shot 6 tenth ones of second after 5° the shot. Probably from Oswald.

Just after what happened, the body of the Kennedy president, probably already without life, was carried to the airport but the wife Jacqueline refused to leave the husband’s coffin. Although this, she let to be convinced to participate to the oath with which Johnson became person in charge president of the United States with an improvised ceremony, thus the body of Kennedy was left unattended for approximately twenty minutes. Twenty minutes covered from the mystery, testimonies demonstrate as the case in which was placed the president to Dallas (much luxurious and heavy, in bronze) did not correspond at all to the case that landed as a result of Washington (a military fund in aluminum much light one).
This makes to think to a ham-handed attempt to subvert the president’s corpse to alter the more important proofs that would have revealed the presence of more assassins. The corpse of the president arrived inside to the Washington’s morgue wrapped in a single sheet and of a military bag, while to Dallas it had been put in the coffin wrapped from many sheets for the much loss of blood.
Washington’s doctors were impressed from the strange hurt in the head, inside of which great part of the brain there was not anymore; probably it had been removed, and appeared scratches much similar to those carried out during an autopsy. Another question mark, that comes recently revealed from carried out investigations, is the identity of the man that appears in the Nix video, the presumed second assassin. The main one inquired is David Ferrie, skillful pilot of airplane that own for the CIA transported arms and ammunitions to Cuba, and he conducted the airplane on which the mafia’s boss Carlos Marcelo re-entered clandestinely in the United States. Ferrie in years '50 commanded a squadron of the Civil Air Petrol, squadron which also Oswald made part of in those years, and then with to an agent of the FBI, Guy Bunnister, Ferrie was able to become a private investigator.
Ferrie takes care of Carlos Marcelo business, and is in touch also with Jack Ruby, the man who killed Oswald 48 hours after the homicide of the president. But Ferrie was not a man who passed unnoticed in fact suffered from alopecia and in order to cover its baldness he wore a hairpiece and he was painted of the thick eyebrow, some witnesses, than in the day of the homicide of the president they were to Dealy Plaza, say to have seen a man with the same Ferrie characteristics to escape from the grassy hill. But unfortunately Ferrie was never interrogated because after to be convened in court it was found died in its hotel’s room.
To this point we know that two key men in the resolution of the mystery of the homicide were dead, Oswald and Ferrie, only a man remained still alive, Jack Ruby the Oswald’s assassin that while was in prison releases its last enigmatic truth.
He released an interview in which it asserted that the motives for the homicide of Kennedy were from searching in the figure of the Johnson new-president, said: ” The answer is the man currently in charge.”. Few weeks after Ruby died because of a cancer and the woman to which it had left the interview died suicide. But also investigations on Harvey Oswald, generate doubts on the real motive of this terrible homicide.
Oswald to the age of 17 years is enlisted in the marines, only after a year ends in court in order to be hurt with a decree gun, and after to be assigned to auxiliary duties like punishment it ends in depression, and little time after assaults a sergeant, ending this time in prison. In 1959 it leaves the marines and it leave for the Soviet Union, in 1962 returns as married in the United States, changing many intense activities and cities, with its savings he buys on a magazine the Mannlicher-Carcano with which he will kill the president Kennedy. In spring of 1963 organizes a campaign in favor of Castro and is in touch with Guy Bunnister the FBI agent, David Ferrie’s friend. Assuming that Oswald had relationships with Ferrie and Bunnister the nature of these relationships remains still today a mystery.
Thus all the men around which it was possible to reconstruct the truth were died, but the question more important remains one, why there was so great interest to kill the president Kennedy? The Mafia and many Cuban exiles celebrated the day when Kennedy died, and the life of Harvey Oswald had crossed just these environments.
Still today nobody can give an answer to the thousands of questions that rotate around this event, the proofs, day after day, becomes more and more opaque, the memory of many persons very slowly will vanish, transforming this in a legend, and seeing the figure of Kennedy like a hero that was, nearly, successful to giving carrying out to this world, in which the truth and the justice they seem an abstraction more and more.
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