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John F. Kennedy was born in Brooklyn, Massachusetts, May 29, 1917. Participate in the Second World War as a volunteer; in the Navy, after being wounded in the back, back to Boston where he began his political career. Militates in the Democratic Party as deputy and then as a senator.
His speech in the Senate in 1957 is particularly significant: Kennedy criticizes the support that the Republican administration offers to the French colonial rule in Algeria.
Based on its line of renewal towards "New Countries", he was elected Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa of the Foreign Affairs of the Senate.
On January 2, 1960, he announced his decision to participate in the presidential elections, choosing as its Vice-President Johnson; in the acceptance speech sets out the doctrine of the "New Frontier". As in the past, in fact, the New Frontier had led the pioneers in extending westward the US borders, in order to conquer new goals for American democracy, such as combating the problem of unemployment, improve the education and health systems, protect the elderly and vulnerable; Finally, in foreign policy, to intervene in favor of the economically underdeveloped countries.
During the election campaign, it assumes a reformist position and make sure the votes of the citizens of color, in addition to the support of intellectuals: in November he won the election, defeating Republican Nixon, although with a minimum majority margin. At the time of his inauguration, which took place January 20, 1961 in Washington, he announced the decision to launch a Food For Peace program and to establish an "Alliance for Progress" with Latin American countries.
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