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Jollof Rice

For the preparation of jollof rice you need:
- 11 and half cups (milk-can or about 300g) of rice.
- 150g meat or 300g fresh fish.
- 4 medium size fresh tomatoes (or 1 table spoon of tomato purée).
- 1 small onion.
- 2 tablespoon of vegetable oil.
- 1/4 teaspoon each of thyme, curry and nutmeg (seasoning or spice flavouring).

- salt to taste.
- pepper to taste.
- about 3 cups of water or more.
- green vegetables for garnishing like green peas, cabbage or spinach.

1. Wash the meat and but into pieces of desired size.
2. Place meat in a sauce pan and season with salt, onion, thyme and curry.
3. Boil meat until tender.
4. Grind or blend the tomatoes and pepper, cut the raining onion.
5. Make the stew as follows:
- heat the vegetable oil.
- fry the cooked meat to a golden brown colour.
- add the onions, fry on a gentle heat.
- add the meat stock and more water for the cooking of the rice. Remove the stew from fire.
6. Prepare the rice as follows:
- pick stones or grits from the rice. Winnow to remove any husks.
- wash and boil for 10 minutes and drain.
- wash again and drain.
7. Pour the rice into the stew, add remaining water and salt to taste. Mix properly.
8. Cook gently over low heat. Add extra water gradually if necessary until the rice is cooked. Cook at low heat to avoid burning.
9. Stir the cooked rice to obtain uniform colour and taste.
10. Prepare the vegetable as follows:
- pick the vegetables, wash thoroughly and drain.
- shred or cut up as desired.
- sauté with onions. That is, toss vegetable with onions in little vegetable oil in a frying pan over sharp heat for a shot time.
11. Dish the jollof rice and garnish wth the vegetables and serve hot.