Entertainment in a home involves receiving and providing for people. It also means making people feel happy. The female who entertains is a hostess, while a male is a host. The person who is entertained is the guest.
Entertaining gives you practice in being a host or hostess. Through entertaining you build goof relationship with other people. In order to entertain you should be able to plan, prepare and cook good meals. You should also be able to serve meals properly and clear things away smoothly after meals.
Cooking and serving require certain equipment and utensils. It is also necessary that you know them and be able to use them.
Succeed meal preparation and service require the use of the right equipment for any given task. Pieces of equipment are expensive and should be chosen thoughtfully.
Each should be handled carefully in order to prolong its life and get the best out of it. It is therefore necessary and important that you learn about simple cooking and serving equipment.

There are basically different types of equipment or tools used today during for preparation: most are specifically made for cutting, others for measuring (in the cases of people that have to watch their weight) while some place give dishes the best appearance and attractiveness they require.

Cooking and serving meals

One of the most important and interesting things you can learn is how to cook good meals. This is because good food is very important for good health. Therefore everybody needs good food.
You can also entertain your friends with food. It is easier to start with simple meals. Beverages snacks are simple meals. They are also easy to prepare and serve.
You should therefore learn how to prepare and serve simple beverages and snacks.
It is also important that you understand the responsibilities of a good host/hostess and a guest.

Guidelines for successful cooking and serving of meals.
As you get ready to cook, there are certain procedures you have to follow. These are also the guidelines for a successful cooking and serving of meals. They include:
- Plan what is to be cooked, how and when to cook. Meals should be balanced.

- List all the ingredients required. Remember to make use of food in season.

- Write a shopping list. Bug necessary ingredients.

- Arrange the kitchen for your cooking. Make share that all the utensils and materials needed are available and within easy reach.

- Clean all the utensils.

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