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When James II became king, he gave more authority to Catholics. He only had daughters (Mary and Anne), so he marries the Catholic Mary of Modena and had a Catholic son, so the Parliament negotiated with Mary's husband, William of Orange (Duke of Holland), to let him take the throne. William marched across southern England and took the power. This was known as the Blodless\Glorious Revolution.
During Mary and William's reign, the Toleration Act, which gave more religious tolerance, was signed and the Petition of Right established that the king could levy taxes and raise an army only with the permission of the Parliament. Then the exiled James II tried to take the control over the English Protestants in Ireland but was defeated. Since William and Mary had no children, Anne succeeded William when he died

Anne was a popular queen. During her reign, according to the Act of Union, the kingdom of England and Scotland was replaced by the United Kingdom of Great Britain, while Ireland remained a separate kingdom, though (o even if, but ecc...) it was subordinate to England. With the treaty of Utrecht, France recognized the Protestant succession and gave its possesions in Canada and the monopoly of the slave trade to England. Here, England was a very powerful trading country. When Anne died, George I of Hanover (James I's great-grandson) came to the throne.

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