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The British are changing

The British way of life and character is changing considerably and is becoming more and more similar to the way of life in the rest of Europe. For years there have been some stereotypes about the British people. A common image we are used to is that of the English gentleman with a bowler hat and an umbrella walking in the City, or that of the British queueing silently and orderly at a bus stop. We also suppose that their favourite topic of conversation when they meet is the weather. Lots of things have been told about their sense of humour or their reservedness or about British food. But some myths are disappearing: most of the British don't eat a traditional British breakfast at home, even if it is available in most hotels. Although they are great tea-drinkers, coffee has become more popular in the last few years. Some of the most typical hobbies and habits are disappearing too. There has been an increase in many forms of consumerism and development of interest in the body and health. At the same time, there has been a decrease in the traditional values of the written word. Computers and the Internet have replaced library books almost entirely. Another difference is that, one generation ago,debt was a terrible embarrassment and shame. Now it is a "way of life".

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