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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is situated to the north-west of Europe.The seas surroding the United Kingdom are:to the north west there is the Atlantic Ocean,to the est there is the North Sea and ti the south there is the English Chanel,there are many important isles like Hebrides,the orkey and the Shetland.
There are about 60 milion people.The capital of U.K is London but the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh,the capital on Walles is Cardiff and the capital of Northern Irland is Belfast, there are other important city like: Manchester,Bristol,Liverpool,Glasgow,Swansea,Lerne,Londonderry ecc....
The official languages is English but there are other 3 languages : Gaelic,Welsh and Scottish.The major religion are the Protestantism and th Roman catholicism, the monety unit is the pound (£).The governament is a Costitutional Monarchy.The Pennins re the main mountain chain and the highest mountain is Ben Nevis (in Scotland), the longest lake are Loch Lomond and Loch Ness (with the leggend of Nessi),the longest rives are the Severn and the Thames (which flows through London).The flag of the United Kingdom is the "Union Jack" (it derives from the fusion of the flags of Walles,Scottland,Breitan and Norther Irland)