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The Irish Question

• In 1700 the British colonized the 'Ireland and want to delete the values and traditions including Irish Catholicism and the Celtic language. They want to impose Protestantism and the English language.
• In 1800, British Prime Minister supports the unification of the two parliaments (English and Irish) based in Westminster.

• In 1847 a famine strikes Ireland and affects potatoes, which were the 'main food of the population. 8/1 of the population dies, many people move in England and in the USA. According to the Irish famine was the fault of the British because they could avoid it, as had happened in the past.
• Later, Charles Stewart Parnell founded the Irish Parliamentary party, spilled in 1890. With the revival Irish you want to return to the Irish traditions, the Celtic language and sport. In 1905 it was founded the party Sinn Fein, in favor of a united Ireland. It is a party based on the principles of equality, prosperity and unity.
• The 24/04/16 there was an uprising, the Easter rising from part of Irish volunteers to get the 'independence from the United Kingdom. It is a symbol of heroism Irish.
• In 1918 Sinn Fein nearly won all the seats, they set-up on an Irish parliament in Dublin (the Dáil) and was proclaimed a republic.
• From 1919 to 1921 there was the Civil War between the IRA and the British government in Irish.
• In 1921 with the end of the war of independence was proclaimed the Irish free state and guarantees the independence, but the British government kept the north Ireland under the rule of the united kingdom.
• In 1949 Ireland become a republic, but six counties Remained under the British control.
• The January 30, 1972 the 'British army opened fire on some Protestant civil rights in Ireland. 13 people died.
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