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In 1861 the Republicans took the presidency of Abraham Lincoln's humble origins but arrived at the top thanks to his intelligence, humanity. Lincoln declared himself opposed to slavery, this led the southern states to become independent in order to protect their own interests. In March 1861 seven Southern states declaring themselves independent in organizing a separate confederation, under President Jefferson Davis. The war broke out when there was an attack in a strong Southern Yankee (1961) that immediately triggered a deadly civil war remembered as the bloodiest occurred between the Napoleonic wars and the First World War. They were used enormous masses of soldiers and a great deal of technological units. The confederation Confederate immediately reported big wins thanks to the preparation and military tradition. The superiority of the industrial North and the determination of the deficiency.
Lincoln North, in fact if the South had to import products and supplies, the North industrial was highly self-sufficient. In the war it was important the act of Europe; European courts sided with the Confederates as they were for slavery and then because they could provide Europe with raw materials at a good price. England gave support to the troops in the hope of a southerner supply of wool and cotton at a good price. Meanwhile, Lincoln declared free all slaves in the northern states and this brought him the favor of democratic European states but the latter did not support the troops with the North for internal problems. A major success of the northerners with the capture of Vicksburg took them to control the Mississippi isolating the confederation and not making him get supplies. Meanwhile, attacks by southerners in Gerrysburg failed. Nordists troops advanced toward Georgia destroying the cotton fields to sap the resources of the confederation. In 1865 the Confederates surrendered and Lincoln wanted to reconcile the winners and losers with a policy of generosity but was soon after assassinated by a fanatic Southerner and his successors were unable to handle the situation because they used a policy of repression. The freeing of the slaves in the South soured the relationship between whites and blacks. America went through this war looking to the future with the conquest of the Far West favored by a law that facilitated the settlement of veterans of the civil war in first wild. This led to the construction of the huge railroad transoceanic.

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