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•Please come in.
•Nice to meet you.
• Do sit down.

Standard questions
• H you ever done this sort of job before?
• What skills and qualities do you have?
• Tell me anout yourself.
• Describe your computer skills.

Hard questions
• Why do you want this job?
• What is your best / worst subject at school?
• What achievement are you most proud of?
• What is one of your weakness?
• What is your greatest strenght?

• I am really interested in this job because…
• I look forward to hearing from you.

• Have you got any questions?
• Well that’s all, I think. Thank you for coming.
Some skills job assistants are supposed toh ave or rather skills which are required in workplaces.
Be: polite, efficient, organised, friendly, reliable, adptable, smart.
Have: an outgoing personality, an eye for detail, initiative, computer skills
Speak: English, clearly (in various job places)
Write: clearly
Listen: well

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