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Influenze linguistiche nel dialetto calabrese scaricato 2 volte

Ricerca di Inglese sulle influenze linguistiche nel dialetto calabrese ( The linguistic influences in the Calabrian Dialect)

Calabria is a region in Southern Italy which came in touch with a lot of foreign people (from Greek people to Spanish people) because of its strategic position on the Mediterranean Sea.
This is why nowadays this language has many contaminations from other languages.
The primary roots of the (“Southern and Central”) Calabrian Dialect is Latin. Southern and Central Calabrian dialect is strongly influenced by  Greek Language because of the Magna Graecia period (VIII century B.C), when Greek settlers traveled from Greece to Southern Italy to build new colonies due to the big amount of people in ancient Greek cities (which were called “poleis”).
But this dialect also have a rich and varied influence from other languages, thanks to the domination and influx of different cultures. As a result French, and Spanish have left a strong imprint.

French contaminated this dialect when in 1789, during the the French Revolution (1789-1799), the French Army spread all over Europe the ideals of Freedom and Equality. The government tried to fight them, but people preferred French people because of their ideals and this led to the introduction of new words and concepts.
But French vocabulary also entered this region via the kingdoms of the Normans and the Angevins, too.
Spanish influenced Calabrian Dialect from XVI century A.D. to XVIII century A.D. when Spain took control of Italy with the Cateau-Cambrèsis peace (April 1559) which stopped wars in Italy and the conflict between France and the Habsburgs.
This was a hard time for Italian people, especially for people like Calabrians: they lived in awful conditions and they were also forced to work for hours and hours in fields.
But, anyway, the most important imprint was left by Greek people and language, which influenced our whole country, from Northern Italy to Southern Italy.
Here are some examples of contamination in Calabrian Dialect. These tables compare Calabrian dialect with ancient languages and modern languages, so we can see the similarity to our language and other foreign languages which are spoken in Europe.

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