It is very important to dress neatly even when working at home. Clothing for household activities should be comfortable, suitable, washable, of simple style and durable fabric. An apron or overall can be worn over the dress to protect it.

Clothes for sleeping (night gowns or pyjamas):
- fabrics should be soft-textured and flame resistant.

- clothes should be comfortable and loose. Tight clothes can restrict movement or flow of blood.

- a house coat can be worn over the night gown outside the bedroom.

5. Clothes for sports, picnics and relaxations:
The clothing to choose will depend on the type of sports.
- clothes for active sports should provide for freedom of movement and at the same role cover the body decently.

- fabrics for such clothes should be durable and easy to care for.
- slacks or trousers are comfortable for picnics.

- shoes should be comfortable for easy movement.

- fabrics should be washable, that is able to withstand frequent laundering.

Clothes for religious worship:
- these should be decent.
- overdressing for a religious worship should be avoided as it is likely to distract the attention of the other worshippers.
- noisy shows and bangles, very conspicuously coloured fabrics and outsized head-gear and heavy make-up should be avoided.

Clothes for travelling (journeys or trips)
- the clothes should be comfortable and not tight.
- fabric should not crease or wrinkle easily.
- they should be washable.

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