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My favorite and least favorite subjects

My favorite school subject is math. I’ve always loved it because it is intuitive. I’ve never needed to study it much or to learn anything by heart or schematize it. I love it because the reasoning behind the formulas, when they click and you can visualize them, they stay with you and all the rest becomes easy. I also appreciate the fact that there are always different ways to get around a problem in order to find a reasonable solution and it is amazing when you see how the different paths and rules interlace with each other.
On the other hand, my least favorite subject is Latin literature. I was never fond of ancient things although I do understand that they make our own roots. I think my dislike for the subject is mostly due to the fact that I do not understand what I need it for. What does it chenge in my life when I know the origin of a different word or the way a certain way of communication developed? And this is the main reason I whink why I find difficult to bring myself to memorize all these things which I find neither important, nor interesting. Surely there is something to learn from these ancient authors and their Latin poems, but if it is history and the roots of our language we have other subjects that cover these notions.
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