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Are you really like that?
Have you ever met a green-haired person with piercings all over the face but on the ears and body, and wearing second-hand too large clothes? I did, and it was not like anything I would have expected. I would have thought she was an uneducated outcast or a dissenter who doesn’t want to conform to society and generally accepted morality.
On the contrary, it took less than an hour to see that she was kind and placid, easy-going and extremely smart. In my opinion, people are not always what they seem and you should never linger on the looks of someone. Sometimes teenagers wear eccentric clothes or have a weird hairstyle as an attempt to be trendy or to be noticed by others. While some people start smoking early, others dye their hair or have them cut in an extravagant way.
This is something that happened not only during my generation, but also during my parents’, and it will happen again during the next. The funny thing is that each generation has difficulties in understanding and praising the other generations’ trends so that most of the times this people become unpopular and eyed with suspicion.
We all should instead think about the motif behind the looks and praise this people for the courage they show by sticking their head out of the mass.
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