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The Temple of the goddess Hera: Heraion of Selinunte
The temple, dedicated to Hera, was built between 470 and 460 BC, it was discovered in 1823 by two British Architects Samuel Angell and William Harris, the metopes of the Heraion (metope is the decorative element of the Doric Temple) is one of the most important sculptural cycles of Sicily. Those retained and conserved represent Zeus and Hera and the Amazon, Arthemis and Athenone, Encleado, Athens and Apollo and Dafne.

The subjects must be read in the context of the celebration of the goddess whose Temple was dedicated: the Greek city, in fact, the myth was part of civic and individual cultural identity and is translated in the rites of the city, in its temples, and its festivities. Therefore, the polis was not just the tale of a past given for real: it was material for the construction of a system of values, valid in the present and in the future.

The significance of the cycle of metope is the celebration of the marriage, of which he is the keeper, which sign and source of a divinely ordered universe Olympians and, for the men behind the entire social system.
This is the lesson that they should take the maidens of good family who came to the shrine during the festivities in honor of the goddess, sacrifice a lamb.

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