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Spartan Conservative policy

After the Greek victory over the Persians, the war ended; Greeks and Persians remained formally in a State of war for decades: in this phase, which we might call "cold war" and, in General, neither the one nor the other contenders took pains, however, they stabilized for about a century, the Greeks were masters of the Aegean Sea and the coast of Asia minor, the Persians kept intact the rest of their empire.

The merits of military victory were also that of Spartans and Athenians, but were they to exploit fully the consequences? This depended first and foremost by the diversity of the respective basic, strictly aimed at the preservation of the balance between the "same", Sparta wasn't able to lead a dynamic policy outside its boundaries (where the company's control on citizens was minor).

Also, to continue the war against the Persians flat stripping unit was their territory, with the risk that the Helots taking advantage of this opportunity to rebel. Therefore the winner of plataea, Pausanias, who led the army at the head of the Greek Coalition, was recalled and after some years put to death on charges of plotting against the Constitution (468 BC).

In this way Prevailed the conservative policy of the ephors, that Sparta renounced any expansionist activities outside its borders and focused entirely on maintaining its dominance in Peloponnese.

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