The Process of Making Glass

Glass is a very important and common material used in the home. It is used in different forms and for different purposes. Glasses and glass wares are fragile, that is, they can break easily. It is therefore important that they are handled carefully. It is equally important that you recognise different types of glasses in the home and learn how to care for each.

Materials for making glass

1. Sand: This is the major material for making glass. The sand used should be free from impurities.

2. Other chemicals needed depend on the type of glass. They include:
- limestone or sodium carbonate.
- soda ash.

The process through which glass is made require various procedure or steps:
1) The right quantities of ingredients are first carefully measured.

2) The mixture of ingredients is heated to a very high temperature in a furnace.

3) The heating produces molten glass. This is melted glass.

4) The molten glass is then blown and moulded into required shapes.

In different European countries especially in Italian regions glass making has become a very relevant sector in the economy. There are highly specialised crafters that involve passion and experience to their job which is highly rated all over the globe and in most cases the glass-works are very expensive to worth even €100.000 for a lamp tube or chandelier.

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