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The most important buildings by Antonì Gaudì

Gaudì was born in 1852 and he died in 1926. He was an important architect and he was built a lot of house of city of Barcelona. The style of architecture of his structures was the Art Nouveau.
The most important buildings that he built was:

- Casa Calvet: it was built in Barcelona between 1898 and 1900 and Martin Calvet was the promoter.
The house was built with an undulating façade. There are also some sculpture that represent the patron saint of Vilassar.

- Park Güell: it was a garden city built between 1900 and 1914. The park is compost of two levels: in first level there are only the columns that are very simple and no have a base; in second level there is a big space and contour have the form of a snake.

- Casa Batllò: it was built between 1904 and 1907 in Barcelona. The structure is decorated with colored ceramics and balconies have a form of mask. The roof have the form of a dragon.

- Casa Milà: it was built between 1906 and 1912. The façade have a form undulating. The rails on the balconies are authentic wrought iron sculptures. The structure of the building is an open plan. This plan broke away from the types of houses in the Eixample District of Barcelona. The unique flat roof is formed of lofts over the frame of series of parabolic arches of varying height.

- Temple de la Sagrada Famila: it is the symbol of Barcelona. This big church have a Gothic style, in fact it have the arches point. The church was built in 1883, but today it’s incomplete. The structure is called “The Cathedral of Poor”. The cathedral was formed by five naves, a transept, an apse and an ambulatory. Gaudì wanted to stress the vertical dimension of the edifice by way of a profusion of pinnacles and spiral shaped towers covered in abstract patterns of glass mosaics and crowned by the Episcopalian symbol of the cross. Today, the constructed part is open to visitors as well as the small museum with drawings showing the construction process.
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