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South Africa
This lovely country, on the southern tip of Africa, has seen massive changes in the past decade. Nelson Mandela led the struggle against apartheid, which separated black people fron white people, and became the country’s first president elected by all people. You have to visit the stunning Kruger National Park and go on an exiciting safari, and sunbathe on one of the many beaches.

This beautiful and exciting country is full of surprises, with its extraordinary plants and animals. Most people live in cities on the coast, such as Sydney or Melbourne, but it i salso agricultural country with huge sheep farms and vineyards. A lot of the country consisté of the “Outback”, an in hospital wilderness-you can hire a jeep for e real adventure. Australia’s hot climate encourages outdoor activities such as surfing. Give it a try on Bondi beach!

New Zealand
This is a clean, beautiful land with farmland, beaches, thick forests, fast-flowing rivers, and tall mountains. It consisté of two islands. Most people live on the sub-tropical North Island. The south Island has spetacular scenery with wide plains and soaring mountains. The capital, Wellington, has a loto s lively cafés and bars. Visit the Maoris and witness their ancient traditions, and don’t forget to visit the location of the lord of the Rings films.

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