Functional areas in the home

In any family house there are different rooms or areas used for different purposes as follows:
1) sitting or living room: this is one of the functional areas in the home.
- it is used as a relaxation centre for family members.
- it is used for receiving and entertaining visitors.
- part of it can be used as dining area.
- family pictures and other precious collections can be displayed there.
- it can be used for social activities such as parties, meeting, etc.

Sitting room furniture and fixtures include chairs, side stools, centre or coffee tables, book shelf, floor covering for example carpet, wall decorations, television set, radios, curtains for doors and windows.

2) Dining room: this is the functional area of the home where the family members eat their meals. It can be a separate room or part of the sitting room.

Furniture found in the dining rooms include: dinning table and chairs, side board or cupboard for storing cheery, glasses, table mats, linens etc. Drinks and food items such as beverages can be stored in the side-board too.

3) kitchen: this is the functional area of the home used as centre for food storage, preparation, cooling and service. In some places, families with large kitchens can eat their breakfast in the kitchen.

Furniture and fixtures found in the kitchen include: the cooker. The storage cupboard with shelves, sink with draining board, kitchen taps fitted to the sink, kitchen table and chair, refrigerators and deep freezer where they can be afforded, pestle and mortar, cooking pots and pans, blenders etc.

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