Frying, Baking and Grilling


This is the method of cooking food in hot oil. Many foods can be cooked by frying for example fish, meat, yam, plantain, fritters etc.

Advantages of frying:
- it is quick method of cooking.
- fried foods are very tasty and flavoured.

Disadvantages of frying:
- frying requires careful and constant attention.
- fried foods are less easily digested. Frying is therefore not suitable for cooking foods for invalids and convalescents or the aged.
Frying can be done in the following ways:
1. Shallow fat frying: The food is fried in a little oil or fat. A frying pan is used and the oil just covers the bottom of the pan. Foods cooked by this method are meat, fish, pancakes, eggs, etc.

2. Sautéing: This is tossing food lightly in a small amount of fat or oil for example some vegetables.

3. Deep fat frying: Food is fried in plenty of oil or fat. A deep pan or pot is used. Foods cooked this way are doughnuts, fish and egg rolls, potatoes chips etc.
Sometimes a food can be fried in its own oil like bacon. This is dry frying.


This is a method of cooking food with dry heat in an enclosed space. The air within the enclosed space is heated up to the required temperature. The heated air cooks the food. Baking is done in ovens. Food cooked by baking include bread, cakes, biscuits, pastries, pudding, etc.

Advantages of baking
- it develops good flavour in foods.
- many foods can be baked at a time. This saves fuel and time.

Disadvantages of baking:
- it requires attention.
- it require careful temperature control.


This is the method of cooking food over, under or in front of a smokeless fire. Grilling can also be done beneath the glowing reflector of s gas or electric grill. Food that can be cooked by grilling include thin slices of meat, chicken parts, fish, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, plantain, corn, yam etc.

Advantages of grilling
- it is quick method of cooking.
- grilled food can digest easily.

Disadvantages of grilling:
Grilling requires careful and constant attention.

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