Cooking Methods

There are different ways for good and healthy food preparation like making stews in order to contain the nutrients or roasting, but also the steaming method is used for a whole lot of foodstuffs.


Foods nutrients with this method of cooking are conserved or retained in the stewing liquid. Stewed foods are easily digested and flavours of food are retained in stewing.

Disadvantages of stewing:
- it is a long and slow method of cooking.
- it requires longer time than boiling.


This is the method of cooking food in the steam from boiling water. There is no direct contact between the food and the boiling water.

Advantages of steaming:
- Steamed foods are easily digested. Steaming is therefore suitable for cooking for children, invalids, convalescents and the aged.
- Nutrients are retained in the food.

Disadvantages of steaming

Steaming takes longer time than boiling, therefore consumers more fuel, gas or electric.

Roasting: This is a method of cooking food in dry heat by any of the following:
- by an open fire or over heated charcoal for example roasted maize, plantain, etc.
- in heated sand or ash, for example roasted yams, potatoes, cocoyams etc.
- in an oven of enclosed space with hot fat or oil poured over the food for example roast chicken or large pieces of meat.

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