Food Store Care - cupboards, cabinets, shelves

Care of food store

It is absolutely relevant for housewives or a homemaker to take good care of his or her house. In terms of food store care there are different aspects and steps to consider:
- sweep the store every morning.
- arrange food items and containers properly.
- clean the store very thoroughly once every week.

Food storage cupboards and shelves: modern kitchen are equipped with fitted kitchen cabinets. These provide storage space for crockery, small cooking utensils, etc. the cabinets are often made kid wood. The wood can be painted. There are also kitchen cupboards and shelves which are often fitted to the kitchen wall.

Dry food should be put in plastic containers, tins, jars of bottles and be properly covered before being placed in the cupboards or shelves. If perishable foods are to be stored temporarily in the cupboards or shelves, such foods should be properly covered.

Care of food storage cupboard, cabinets, and shelves.
1) clean them regularly.
2) arrange items properly and neatly.
3) clean thoroughly once every week as follows:
- empty the cabinet, cupboard or shelves.
- remove any special stains and clean the surface according to type.
- wash painted wood with soft cloth and warm soapy water.
- wash plain wood wit sponge, along the grain.
- allow to dry thoroughly.
- cover the surface with old newspaper, plastic sheets or other suitable materials.
- wipe the food containers clean.
- arrange the food containers properly.
The should be placed in such a way that they are easy to see, take and replace.

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