The human body is like a machine. It therefore needs fuel to do its work. It also needs good maintenance and regular repair. These needs are met by the food we eat. It is therefor important that you know the different types or food nutrients, their functions and sources, so that you can combine them well to have a balanced diet. The way we eat (eating-habit or manner) shows who we are.

Functions of Food

Food is any liquid or solid material which when eaten and digested can provide the body with nourishment. Food performs the following functions:
i) it provides the body with heat and energy.
ii) it helps in the growth and repair of body tissues.
iii) it protects the body from diseases.
iv) roughage in food helps bowel movement and prevents constipation.
v) Fois is necessary for good health and vitality.

Meaning of nutrition:
Nutrition is the sum of the processes by which our body takes in food nutrients for nourishment. As an area of study, nutrition deals with the food we eat and how it nourishes our body.

Food nutrients

Food nutrients are simple chemical substances which are contained in the food we eat. There are basically six classes of food nutrients and each class perfectly performs special functions on the body. Different foods contain different types of food nutrients.

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