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Special Days
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is on the 14th February. This is a lovers's day: the day when you send a card to people that you love without writing your name on the card. They must guess who the card is from and who their admirer is. The cards have verses but people sometimes make or add their own.

Guy Fawness Inght
On 5th November, people have bonfires and firework in memory of Guy Fawkes.
Guy Fawkes was a Catholic. In 1605, when England was a Protestant country, he tried to blow up the House of Parliament in London. He wanted England to be a Cathol$ic country again. He failed and he was executed. Children sometimes make a ‘guy’ from old clothes. A ‘guy’ is a model of Guy Fawkes, and they burn him on top of a bonfire.

In Scotland, the New Year celebration (Hogmanay) is a very special day of the year. At midnight on New Year’s Eve (31st December) people join hands and sing a song by their national poet Robert Burns, the title means ‘old long ago’ in Old English and the song is now popular in many countries.

Ben Wallace lives in London. He’s a Christian and on 25th December Christians celebrate the born of Christ. Ben sends Christmas cards and buys present for his Mum, Dad and sister, Kirstin. The family put the presents under the Christmas three. Kirstin is 7. She believes that Father Christmas brings her presents on Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas. On Christmas Days, the family open their presents together. Then they have a Christmas dinner. Ben’s family usually have roast turkey, roast potatoes, sausages and vegetables. They have Christmas pudding for dessert. Christmas pudding is made from dried fruit. Music is an important part of Christmas and Ben’s family usually go to a Christmas concert on Christmas Eve. Carols are Christmas songs and this is Ben’s favorite carol.
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