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1919 Paris Peace Treaties: Treaty of Saint-Germain

The Treaty of Saint-German setting out the terms of peace with Austria, we do not speak here of a Hapsburg empire, but after his fall led to two independent republics Austria (Czechoslovakia) and Hungary. The Treaty thus establishes the separation of the empire. To Italy being awarded the Trentino and Friuli, the part of Bolzano, Istria excluding the city of Rijeka (Croatia).
Yugoslavia was born from the union of Scandinavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina together with Montenegro through the peace treaty that sees the end of Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman (Turkey). Here it is adhered to the principle of self-determination of peoples and nationalities. The Treaty of Neuilly with Bulgaria established that it was now an independent state, was forced to cede several territories to Greece as the cutters who returns to Greece. Also a part of the territory conquered by the Macedonian Bulgaria becomes Slav territory. The Treaty of Trianon Hungary becomes the Hungarian Republic (June 1920) in which are defined its borders. Compared to the Kingdom of Hungary (formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), the borders of Hungary out of the war did not understand: Part of Transylvania, which became part of Romania.
• Slovakia, which became part of Czechoslovakia.
• Croatia, Slavonia and Vojvodina,
• The city of Rijeka that, subject to territorial disputes, it was occupied first by Anglo-French troops and soon after (September 1919) datruppe irregular Italian who remained there, by the establishment of an independent state, until its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy in 1924 .
The Treaty of Seuvres: are treated with the Ottoman Empire, with this treaty the Ottoman Empire loses 4/5 of its territories and this treaty marks the birth of Turkey as a free and independent state. Turkey was reduced to the region of Constantinople. The Treaty consolidated the division of the Ottoman Empire following the secret agreements between the Allied Powers and conditions negotiated at the San Remo Conference of April 1920.
It was secured independence to the Democratic Republic of Armenia (Armenia Wilson) The UK gained Iraq, Transjordan and Palestine, territories that were then assigned as "mandate" of the League of Nations
France acquired the Lebanon and Syria, these territories were then assigned as "mandate" of the League of Nations.
The Treaty of Lausanne is a peace treaty signed in Lausanne, Switzerland, July 24, 1923 between Turkey and the Entente Powers who fought during the First World War and the subsequent Turkish War of Independence. The Treaty, also known as Convention of Lausanne, put an end to the bloody conflict greek-turkish and sanctioned the borders between Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, as well as determine the end of any pretense of Turkish Cyprus, Iraq and Syria, together with the Treaty of Ankara . So in this treaty he saw the fate of countries in the middle east belonged to the Ottoman Empire. Syria, Lebanon as mandates were entrusted to France, while in Palestine Transjordan and Iraq were given as sent to England as well as Egypt. Under the term "mandate" countries are distributed between France and England. The "Mandate" is an institution of international law with which the "society of nations" relied on a state key, a state developed these states, giving him the task of administering the country starting them towards independence. In fact everything was resolved in a territorial division between France and England.
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