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The Edwardian Age

When Queen Victoria died, in 1901, her son Edward VII took the crown. He was able to policy negotiations. He did an agreement called Entente Cordiale with France, where the Brittan could expand in some colonies. He also founded the Order of Merit to reward those who distinguished in sciences, art or literature. The government adopted the politic of Liberalism with national insurance and pensions for old persons.
This period was also a time of industrial shake, strikes and violence. The women founded the Women's Social and Political Union, they wanted women to have vote and soon they won their "battle". When Edward VII died was succeeded by his son George V. In 1914 he first War World burst.

World War I

The war bust because the Austrian Archduke was assassinated in Sarajevo and because Germany marched through Belgium (neutral territory) for attacking France. Europe was divided into two parts: The Triple alliance with Germany, Austria, Italy and The Triple Entente with Britain, France, Russia. In the first few weeks of war the Germany was in advantage because it had a better equipment and louder soldiers. The USA joined to the war in 1917. They locked Germany and they wrote an armistice in Versailles. The war was an horror in human fact infect there were 20 million dead peoples and many psychological effects.
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