The dress you wear tells people a lot about the type of person you are. It also gives you self-confidence. It is therefore very important that you wear the right dress at the right time. Different people require different styles, colours and designs of clothes to give them good appearance. It is therefore necessary that you understand your own figure type and faults and different styles, colours and patterns. You can also use these elements (styles, colours, etc.) to hide or conceal your defects (figure faults). You can also use them to enhance your good features.

Types of clothing:
Clothing is anything you put on the body in order to protect, beautify or adorn it. Clothing includes dresses, accessories, hair-do, make-ups, hand bags, shoes, etc. clothes are the dresses or garments you put on for example gowns, skirts, blouses, trousers, etc.
accessories are those additional things we basically wear in order to supplement our clothes, for example shoes, hats, gloves, stocking, jewellery, cuff-links, ties, pins, handkerchief, scarves, etc.

Style in dresses means the characteristic or distinctive outline or shape of the dresses. A style is fashionable or in vogue at a given time if it is popular at that very time.

Clothing is useful for the following purposes, to:-
1. Protect the body from heat, cold, insects bites, bad weather, physical injuries, etc.

2. Beautify or adorn the body or improve our appearance.

3. Show our role or the work we do in the society for example the police, nurse, soldiers.

4. Show our status or position in the society for example the kings, queens etc.

5. Show our culture or where we come from for example the Sardinians have different cloth-type from that of a Roman.

6. Show our mood for example if someone is mourning he or she usually wears all black clothes, even during the burial.

7. It is also for modesty and to cover the nakedness of the body.

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