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Stonehenge is the mysterious end-product of a big work made up by many phases. They built it with blue stones (a particular stone that is present only in the south-west of Wales) because for this prehistoric populations the blue representing the sky and for them the sky was considered sacred. Nowadays, maybe as an effect of weathering, this colour appears like dark grey.
The question we should do is: how did prehistoric men shift on land these stones for many kilometers without any support? We don’t know how it was built but we know why, for them that was a sacred area perfect for rituals. But Stonehenge had many functions: it was a sacred area for rituals where they could bury their dead people, it was a sort of court where they solved the controversies and maybe it was also an annual market place. For many scientist it was a sort of astronomic observatory. The Beaker (Iberians and Celts) thought that everything had a soul, Stonehenge is a ring of open doors that invites all the outsiders inside. The biggest mystery concerning Stonehenge how they could settle the stones in that position (that reflect also the position of the sun and the other planets) without having an aerial view.
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