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- London was the cultural and political centre of the country and this Reconstruction was the work of Sir Christopher Wren was a famous architect that rebuild many places included St.Paul's Cathedral in 1710.
The Augustan Age
-The first half of the 18th century is called Augustan Age.
1) It was not the exact equivalent of the continental Enlightenment: under the light of the reason.
2)The 18th century was also characterized by the rise of the novel and new sensibility.
-Trying to follow the ruled made by the ancient,they remembered that they had not only barbarians origins,but also Romans origins. They started to be inspired by their way or writing,this way of classicism. So neoclassicism became a style of life.
- They started to believe in the superiority of intelligence and good sense over fancy and impulse. They were critical both of the middle class and of the aristocracy. That's why we had the origin of this new way of writing: the satire.

-Women started to acquire central role. Their literary salons were important placese where ideas,literature and politics were discussed. This idea of freedom began to apply to women.
-Because of the spread of newspapers and magazines,clubs and coffee-houses were created for the middle class: people went to coffe-houses to meet and write drinking coffee,tea or chocolate.

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