The are some procedure to following for those that want to prepare drinks like orange and pineapple drinks.
For the first you need:
2 oranges
Syrup to taste
About 280ml of cold water.

-wash the oranges thoroughly. Rinse in salty water then drain.
- cut the fruits into two halves cross-wise.
- squeeze out the juice. Use a fruit juicer if available.
- strain through a clean strainer to remove any seeds.
- add the water and add syrup, then chill.
- pour into glasses abs serve.
The drink can be garnished with a slice of lemon or orange.

Pineapple drink
¼ of medium sized pineapple
1 table spoonful line juice (if desired)
Syrup to taste
280ml clean cold water.

-wash the whole pineapple. Rinse in salty water.
-cut off required size (¼)
-peel and grate the pineapple
-add water to the grated pineapple, pass through a clean strainer.

-add lime juice, syrup and water; mix properly; chill in the refrigerator and later serve.

Sour-sop drink
Medium sized sour-sop
Syrup to taste
300ml of clean cold water.

-wash the sour-sop thoroughly. Rinse in salty water and drain.
-peel and the squeeze out the juice.
-pass through a clean strainer.
-add water and syrup and serve chilled.
These are some typical ways of serving most exotic and tropical fruits.

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