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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves (Beirut, 2 September 1964) is a Canadian actor.
Although intense activities in the United States, Reeves has the double Canadian citizenship and English, and is a passionate fan of ice hockey (to its school superior, the Of The Salle Connects of Toronto, was the mvp of the squad)

Its name is reported to the cold wind of mountain (or freshness) that expires from the mountains in hawaiiano.
The deep meaning is "the one that constantly is absorbed in the consciousness of God", while in the reviewed Thyme the embodiment is reported us like of "freon-cool satori." Its father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves, has chinese ancestors and hawaiiani, and its mother, Patricia Taylor, is English. It has a sister, Kim, that lives at billy Goats and is sick of leukemia, illness with that is fighting for many years, and two stepsisters, Karina and M Roses. Reeves provoked the caution of the critic in 1986 for the film THE boys of the river, but its first role from protagonist was in 1986, in the film on the world of the wide hockey Shoulders, with Rob Lowe. Its first happened was the film Bill & Ted' s Excellent Adventure, of 1989, I continue (on the wave of the success) from Bill & Ted' s Bogus Journey (1991). Certainly, and perhaps unlucky for Reeves, most of its successive you retract journalistic it was influenced from its interpretation of Ted, the protagonist of the film, character determined with the head between the clouds.

Its work spaces from parts in small independent film like Attractive and damned of Gus Van Sant, to Point Break that the well-known revenues, until the role of Flaw, protagonist of the trilogy cult of Matrix.

In the December 1999 had from Jennifer Syme a daughter, born dead, that was given the name of 'Age Archer Syme Reeves'. In the April 2001, Jennifer Syme is dead in an accident on board of its Jeep Cherokee, to 6 of morning of return from a party of Marilyn Manson. It is buried near its daughter in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery to Los Angeles, California.

January 31 2005, Keanu Reeves obtained a star in the hollywood Walk of Hunger for its work in the cinema. Normally this you honor it is bound to a recent project of the artist, in this case the film Constantine.

Reeves is very generous with its time and money, lending both to a charitable series of causes. It gave a significant part of the profits from the serious Matrix and, between the other things, accommodated the twelve stuntman motorcyclists of the film. It is besides known for the availability to defer the payment of its remuneration if that allows to take on another actor for the film. Of it THE LAWYER of the devil in this manner allowed to take on The Calm, and in The reserves Gene Hackman.

According to *unofficial esteem, Keanu Reeves is the actor that received the highest remuneration in the story of the cinema for a film: the role of protagonist in Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions (technically two episodes of a trilogy) yielded him 20 millions of dollars to film more 15% of the world entries, for a total of 185 millions of dollars. At present it is paid between the 15 millions and the 20 millions of dollars to film.

It played the low one with the band rock Dogstar, but the project went then "in hibernation". Recently it played the low one in a band called Becky with l' former-drummer of the Dogstar, Robert Mailhouse, the guitarist Paulie Kosta singing it Rebecca Lord. In the beginning of 2005 it announced to have left the band and the musical career.

Recently it finished the renewals of The night does not wait a film of David Ayer I discuss from a story of James Ellroy.

At present it is turning the remake of Ultimatum to the land, where covers the role of the protagonist, the androide Klaatu.
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